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Our History

Ormskirk Market Town Initiative

In 2007 and 2008, a group of local people came together to prepare plans that would guide Ormskirk's future development.  Working in four thematic groups, action plans were agreed with the local
 Council. Proposals were circulated to local residents and businesses and their views, collected via a comprehensive questionnaire, were taken in account when drawing up the final recommendations.

The four themes are outlined below and the plan can be read here

Market Town Initiative Themes

Community Group
    • Want more community facilities and events in Ormskirk?
    • Keen to encourage a good relationship between the Town and Edge Hill University?
    • Want more information, and consultation, on what happens in the Town?

Economy Group
  • Interested in promoting Ormskirk?
  • Looking for improvements in the indoor and outdoor markets?
  • Want quality shops in Ormskirk?

Environment Group

  • Keen to see a litter-free Ormskirk?
  • Want the Green Belt around the Town protected?
  • Want to make the Town a more pleasant place to live, work and visit?

Transport Group
  • Want less through traffic with greater safety for pedestrians?
  • Want safer and better parking for residents and visitors?
  • Want better public transport?